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Zodwa Wabantu And Her Moves Losing Popularity?

Zodwa Wabantu


Not everyone appreciates Zodwa Wabantu and her dance moves. This is proved true in a video which she posted on Instagram.

Zodwa posted a video of herself at a restaurant in Umlazi, Durban when her favourite jam comes on and she gets up on the table to dance.

A woman seated at the table observes Zodwa for a few minutes, then seemingly dismiss the entertainer with an unimpressed shake of her head. As if the eye-roll isn’t enough, she eventually takes out her phone.

In the caption, Zodwa Wabantu calls out the female patron, asking ‘why she’s hating’ and encourages her to concern herself with her own bum.

Besides the woman, the other people seating at the table seem not to be impressed at all. Maybe sheis running out of moves? We will let you be the judge.


Zodwa Wabantu