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Wesbank Loans

Wesbank Loans

Wesbank Loans – We all need extra cash once in a while. The question is where to turn to when we find ourselves in such a situation. The good news is that Wesbank loans are exactly what you need when you need extra cash. With Wesbank you can get cash in your pocket when you need it.

Whether you are looking for cash to pay for medical expenses, school fees, home improvements or pay for a vacation Wesbank loans are ideal for you. How you use your cash is entirely up to you.

You can apply for a loan of up to R150 000 with convenient repayment terms from 24 months to 6 years.

Wesbank loans are unsecured which means there is no need to provide collateral in order to secure your loan.

The application process is convenient with no unnecessary paperwork and interviews. Online application also offers you the convenience of applying from the comfort of your house or office. This also saves you on time usually spent in queues at branches.

One other benefit you can look forward to is the fixed repayments which are not affected by interest rate hikes. This also helps you with better budgeting as you monthly amount will not change.

You will also get a Customer protection plan included in your repayments. This plan is good to have as it will settle any outstanding amounts on your loan in the event of permanent disability or death.

You can make use of a slider found on the homepage of their website to select the amount you wish to borrow and the period to get an idea of what your repayment will be.

Requirements To Apply For Wesbank Loans

  1. Your ID number
  2. A Clear credit record
  3. A minimum monthly salary of R5 000
  4. 3 months bank statements
  5. You latest payslip
  6. Proof of residence
  7. Bank account details into which your salary is paid

Application can be done online or telephonically. For more information on Wesbank loans you can get hold of them on the contact details listed below.

Wesbank Loans Contact Details


Telephone:     0861 238 252



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