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Virgin Money Credit Card

Virgin Money Credit Card

Virgin Money Credit Card – In a world where we all face unexpected expenses at times, it is ideal to have a facility in place to turn to for cash during such times. A credit card is such a good option to have as you will have access to funds immediately. The Virgin Money credit card is one good option to select. This credit card is offered by Virgin Money who believes in ensuring that everybody is better off. The credit limit you will get will be based on your credit score. Your score is based on a number of factors which are used to determine how much you can afford.

The Virgin Money credit card as some unique features and benefits which include competitive interest rates you can look forward to. When you are a holder of this credit card there are no annual card fees and monthly service fees. You also get 55 days interest free and free automatic travel insurance. With all the benefits that come with this credit card you can see why thousands of South Africans enjoy using it.

Virgin Money has been in operation in South Africa since 2006 and over the years have really assisted many South African be better off. The Virgin Money credit card will offer you good value. During that time of financial need it will be your ready source of cash. Once approved how you use your card is entirely up to you.

Requirements To Apply For The Virgin Money Credit Card

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. You must be a South African resident with ID book or ID card
  3. You must earn a monthly salary of R5 000 or more
  4. You must have a South African bank account

Application for the Virgin Money credit card is done online in an easy and simple process to follow. If you wish to apply for this credit card or if you need more information you can get hold of them on the details listed below.

Virgin Money Credit Card Contact Details


Telephone:   0861 822 273