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Izwe Personal loans are the answer to those in need of funds to build their dream home, pay for education fees or pay for any unforeseen expenses. Izwe loans are not limited to just these expenses mentioned here as you can use the loan for whatever needs you have. Others also take Izwe Personal loans as a consolidation loan whereby they bring all their debt under one roof.

Loans from Izwe range from R1 000 to R99 000 with repayment terms of 9 months to 42 months.

We recommend Izwe personal loans as they are purpose based. This means the loans on offer are tailored to suit your individual needs.

After your loan application is approved the funds are paid directly into your bank account. This gives you immediate access to the funds.

In this busy life it can be difficult to visit a branch when you want to apply for a loan and it is for this reason Izwe gives you access to loans from the comfort of your workplace or own home. The application process is easy an simple with minimal documentation required.

You will get fixed interest rates over the loan term which also means fixed monthly instalments. This makes it easy to budget loan repayments.

Izwe Personal Loans On Offer

  1. Building Loans – suitable for those that are looking at building their home or make improvements to their existing home.
  2. Student Loans – suitable for those who are need of funds to pay for their child’s school fees.
  3. Consolidation Loans – those with several loans might struggle to manage them and might want to bring all loans under one roof as a single loan.
  4. General Loans – this is a loan you can use for whatever needs you have. It could be for a vacation for just day to day expenses.

Requirements To Apply For Izwe Personal Loans

  1. You must be 18 Years or older
  2. Valid SA ID or Driver’s licence
  3. Your latest payslip
  4. 3 Months bank statements

Application for a personal loan can be done online or alternatively you can call Izwe on the numbers listed below or fill in the call me back form online and a consultant will call you.

Izwe Personal Loans Contact Details

Website:       www.izweloans.com

Telephone:   010 206 7400

Email:           info@izwe.co.za




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