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Zimbabweans Outraged After EcoCash Reduces Debit Card Limits


A lot of Zimbabweans have been left outraged after EcoCash announced that they will be placing new debit card limits on international transactions.

EcoCash is an innovative mobile payment solution that enables Econet customers to complete simple financial transactions such as sending money to loved ones, buying prepaid airtime for themselves or other Econet subscribers and paying for goods and services.

With Zimbabwe facing a cash crisis a lot of Zimbabweans have used EcoCash as a way or trading internationally in countries such as South Africa and Botswana. The announcement was received with mixed feelings from users with most of them viewing it as outrageous and unfair. Those who had become over reliant on the service might have to start looking at other options.

In instances where one used to withdraw $200 from the ATM, EcoCash has reduced the allowance to a mere $50. The sales cutoff limit has been placed at a shocking $200 per month and online payments to just $50 per month.

The local limits in Zimbabwe remain unchanged.