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Boity Thulo Stands Up to Cyber Bullies

Boity Thulo has had to stand up to cyber bullies after she trended on for all the wrong reasons. This was after fake images of the popular actress had done the rounds online.

Boity Thulo Sama Dress

Boity Thulo showed up to the South African Music Awards on Saturday in a beautiful midnight blue Quiteria & George dress. The images which were circulating on social media were however showing Boity’s costume as revealing her vagina through the sheer skirt of her dress. After the image had circulated Boity was shames on instagram and twitter with people saying that she should have been wearing underwear.

The actress stood up and defended herself and tweeted that it was a fake image circulating which was photoshopped by cyber bullies. She also used the opportunity to highlight society’s double standards towards the female body.

Here are some of the tweets.