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BIB Finance – Confidential, Reliable And Secure Financing

BIB Finance

BIB Finance is there to make your dreams come true. This is especially true where you have been wondering how to buy your dream car. They provide confidential, secure and reliable financing.

BIB Finance can help you get the car you have always wanted making you realise your dream. They will give you the right car loan for your personal financial position. Finance from BIB is structured for all types of credit situations.

BIB Finance Products

Car Finance

BIB Finance will give you the right car loan that meets your needs. The loan you get will be structured around your financial position.

Car Refinance

This option allows you to refinance your existing car loan. By doing this you will reduce your current monthly payment. If you qualify for refinance the process is simple. It involves your application, getting a decision and submission of your documents. After that BIB Finance will then pay off your existing loan.

Private To Private Finance

The purpose of private finance is to assist buyers with finance for vehicles that are not being bought from a motor dealer. BIB assists both the seller and the buyer in a private to private transaction. They will handle the entire process from start to end, thereby protecting both parties. If you are the buyer BIB will do all licensing and registration on your behalf

Caravan Finance

At BIB they want to make sure all caravan, boating and camping enthusiasts become owners of their dreams. They will give you structured terms, rates and repayments that suit your lifestyle. The finance you get will be tailored to suit your needs.

Application for all finance products from BIB can de done online. This gives you the comfort of being able to apply from the comfort of your home or office. All your details will be captured securely and will not be given to any third parties without your consent.

Motorbike Finance

You can get the right bike loan that fits your personal lifestyle and financial position. BIB allows you to get your financing options before visiting motorbike dealers. The benefit of this approach is that your decision process is focussed on the bike on the finance details.

BIB Finance Contact Details

For more information you can contact them using the details below:

Website             :

Telephone         : 082 874 3871

E-mail                :


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