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Beyonce Interested In Buying A Stake In Houston Rockets

beyonce houston rockets

Beyonce is looking to extend her multi-million dollar business empire beyond the music world by buying a stake in the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

The Houston Rockets surprised everyone—even most people in their own building—when they announced earlier this summer that owner Leslie Alexander would be selling the team. Alexander has been pretty good as an owner, insofar as you never really hear his name much and the team seems willing to spend money on good players.

Alexander, who bought the team for $85 million in 1993, is looking to capitalize on the team’s popularity in China and is hoping to take home over $2 billion for the team.

With the news that Alexander is cashing out, some prominent names have popped up in sales talks, with local heroes such as Hakeem Olajuwon and Beyonce reportedly interested in minority stakes.

Beyonce shouldn’t have any trouble making her investment as she is this year’s second highest-paid celebrity at a staggering $105 million, according to Forbes.

If Beyonce does decide to invest in the Houston Rockets, it won’t be The Carter’s first venture into sports. Jay Z owned a 1% stake in his beloved Brooklyn Nets but sold his shares in 2013.

Beyonce’s keenness to delve into investment comes just a few weeks after she and the 47-year-old star reportedly put a $90 million offer in on a hilltop mansion in Bel Air.

But as well as buying a house and juggling their careers, they have also got their hands tied up with their six-week-old twins Sir and Rumi and five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

A source said recently: “They’ve spent so much time working on their careers and both knew their marriage has suffered.

“From now on it’s all about spending more time together, starting with Jay’s new tour. Beyonce is bringing the twins and they will be together as a family.”

Beyonce would immediately become the most important NBA owner if she bought a team. Her universal appeal could bring so many more fans into the sport. If her team is struggling, all she needs to do is perform for 12 minutes at halftime to pack the stadium. And when was the last time you heard of a strong female owner in basketball? The sport could desperately use some diversity there.