African Bank Personal Loan


The African Bank personal loan is tailor made to suit your needs and financial situation. This means that when you apply for a personal loan African Bank will give attention to your needs as an individual and offer you a loan that best suits you.

Loans on offer can cater for a wide range of needs. They range from R2 500 to R200 000 with flexible repayment periods between 9 to 72 months.

If you are looking for a personal loan you have every reason to apply for the African Bank personal loan. They offer competitive loans in the market.

African Bank’s vision is to improve your quality of life through affordable, convenient and responsible credit. When you are in need of some extra cash life can come to a standstill. African Bank believes credit should work for you to help you move forward and make your life better.

The African Bank personal loan repayments are done via debit order which means you don’t have to worry about skipping a payment.

When your loan application is approved you get immediate access to funds. The cash is transferred directly into your account. What you use the funds for is up to you and it could vary from medical expenses, school fees, holiday expenses and other day to day expenses.

With repayment instalments fixed you get the advantage of being able to budget better. Another benefit of getting the African Bank personal loan is that you get credit insurance. This ensures that your outstanding loan amount will be settled in the event of disability or death.

Requirements To Apply For The African Bank Personal Loan

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. ID Book
  3. Latest Original payslip
  4. One month’s bank statement reflecting your salary deposit
  5. Proof of residence

Application can be done online or you can visit your nearest African Bank branch.

African Bank Personal Loan Contact Details


Telephone:     0860 333 004



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